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Our Mission

At Give-A-Pen we are commited to making a positive impact through the power of writing tools. With every pen purchased from us, we pledge to donate a pen to those in need. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities, one pen at a time, by providing the tools necessary for learning, self-expression, and creativity. Together lets spark change and make a difference in the world through the simple act of giving.

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  • Quick and easy

    “I love how seamless the process is, within one week I was sent an email showing how my donation is helping” – Onyeka V.

  • So Smooth!

    "The pens are amazing! They write so smoothly and fits into my hand properly without slipping out, glad I could help.” – Jane K.

  • Elegant

    “Premium quality, as always. I adore the elegant yet simplistic design.” – Anne L.